Confession Time

Time for a little bit of the hard truth, my truth. The things I don’t usually ever say at least out loud. Because I don’t ever like to appear weak or taken the wrong way… so here we go!

Truth #1

Sometimes I hate my husbands job. And maybe it’s not so much of the job as it is the fact he’s always gone. Missing the things he shouldn’t have to miss. Sometimes I want to just be selfish and be the only thing he has to spend his time on.   Every once in a while it’s hard to see couples who get to have their spouse home every night and complains about it!

Truth #2

I hate when people say “that’s not that bad” when I am asked about how many days my husband is gone. It doesn’t make me feel better. In actually makes me feel worse. Like I am being brushed off or what I may be going through is instantly excused because “it’s not that bad.”

Truth #3

I am a happy person who 99% of the time posts only happy things. I’m not pretending to be perfect or trying to make my life seem like I have it all together.  I choose to focus on the good and let that be what my life is about. Spreading joy and living in a state of thankfulness of what God has given me. It’s too easy to look back remember only negative things so why not change that outlook?! I don’t want my girls to be raised by a negative Nancy who whines and complains when something gets tough.

Truth #5

I care about what people think more then I should. And more so the people who are closer to me. I can’t help myself. I am a people pleaser and it’s something I am working on. It’s probably why it took me a good couple of months to even pull the trigger on this blog. I have been trying to change that and focus on pleasing God not people.

So, pretty much the purpose of all this is to reveal some of my flaws, to show yes I have things I am working on. I am human despite my beliefs and despite what people think. And even with these “confessions” or “truths” I STILL LOVE MY LIFE!!! I love being married to my husband, being a mother to my girls, and having the friends I have. I love what God has given to me and I consider it all JOY!!! So whatever may be your struggle or your truths find the good in it don’t be afraid to be honest and don’t be afraid to love the life you’re given!!!


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