Love > Distance

Sometimes being apart can be rough. Even more so when there are children in the picture. When I am at the home front trying to take care of all the big and small things everything can get a little overwhelming. Sometimes there is bound to be conflict and disagreements. I am the type of person who likes to resolve things face to face. At the same time I also need time to work through my emotions, get a hold of logic, and what really matters. Usually when couples have a disagreement they’re with each other to figure it out and resolve it. But what about being apart?

It is such a hard thing as a firefighter’s wife when he is hours, miles and days away to get in an argument. It is more of a struggle to resolve the issue and not being able to have him here tangible, to cry on or hug just plain sucks. So I have had to learn to let my emotions go a little quicker and try to understand the bigger picture of what really matters. Is the argument really worth it? Am I overreacting? What really is the root cause? Sometimes in all honesty the not being able to talk helps with getting through that thought process and pushing out the negative emotions. But it’s also hard when there isn’t much time to talk about it. He is working and any second a tone can drop and in the middle of talking about things he could have to go.

It takes a lot of strength and a will power to easily forgive and let go. To not l et the frustration win and let your emotions rule. Sometimes it’s easier said then done. Especially when the reason for the argument is valid. Trying to find that common ground as fast as possible is key. Letting the love for your spouse be what’s important. You’re both doing important jobs and recognizing that it all isn’t just on one person. Be a team. Work through it together. Stay humble. FORGIVE. Work towards getting to see them and letting that time be used to enjoying them  and making memories. Let your LOVE be GREATER THAN the DISTANCE.

“The Pain of a Parting is Nothing to the Joy of Meeting Again.”

-Charles Dickens


2 thoughts on “Love > Distance

  1. Every time you write it drives me to my knees. Your words challenge me to be a better wife and Mother. Thank you for you transperency it means more than you will ever know.


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