Journey Unapologetically

The last year has been a crazy whirlwind of things. I have started a few new journeys that I never thought I would see myself doing. And some of those journeys are all I ever dreamt about. But I have found that these journeys are helping to rebirth new love for life. It’s as if I am rediscovering the things that make me feel alive and bring me joy. I am discovering who I am again as an individual, as a fire wife, as a mother, and friend

The first journey that has taught me the most about life are my children. My two girls keep me on my toes and keep me questioning if I really know what I am doing. ha! My second daughter I thought would be easy. I know what I am doing…right? WRONG! She couldn’t be the more opposite of my first daughter. But looking back I only see how much I have learned and how much I love my girls even if I have days where I am winging it. I am one of the crazy moms who loves spending every day with my girls even when it’s hard. Taking breaks are really hard for me because I love spending my time with them and as crazy as it sounds I cant think clearly without them around. Like when I go to the grocery store without them I pretty much guaranty to forget half of what I went there for. They give me purpose and make me have a passion to be my best self. My children are my greatest joy.

There are two journeys this year I never would have seen myself doing. The first is this blog. I never was into reading other people’s blogs and I don’t even keep a journal. But ever since I started it has felt so right. I found a voice I didn’t know I had. And my hope is to be able to be a light to people and help other fire wives be encouraged. The second is my essential oil business. I was never one who really liked taking anything as far as medication goes. I would tough it out as long as I could before taking a Tylenol. I had a tough year physically after my second child was born. One of my dearest friends came over and we talked about essential oils. I wasn’t sure about them but a lot of friends I knew used them so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I started to use them and started noticing little things here and there at first and thought wow that really works. So naturally I started sharing with everyone I love and watched as their lives have been transformed as well.

Lastly the ranch we moved to a little less then a year ago has been a huge blessing I can’t even begin to describe. Every day when I look out over my 2 1/2 acres I can’t help but be filled with a thankful heart. It has made a world of difference in my families life. It has given us purpose and drive. I love all the wildlife and all the different plants that bloom every season. The learning how to take care of it all. I love watching my girls fall in love with nature and watching through their eyes full of wonder. We have so much more work to do but it’s a journey I have loved being on.

The journeys I chose to write about today are the ones who have helped me the most in discovering who I am. I am someone who loves to help others. To teach whether it be my children, friends or family. I love to be out in nature and have a reason to get my hands dirty. All these things are journeys that may or may not have been intentional when starting them but I have loved every step along the way. These journeys are what gives me purpose when my husband is away but they also give me great joy and delight to share with him when he is home. I encourage you to find those things that help you discover who you are. It may not be what you pictured but sometimes they turn out to be the best surprises.


2 thoughts on “Journey Unapologetically

  1. As always a wonderful blog. Yours words are so uplifting and one an really feel your heart of love for our Lord, family and life. Never stop being who you are!


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