Thankful in All Seasons

We all have our days, weeks, months and maybe years where life just seems to not really like you. Then there’s the times where life has never been better. I believe it’s not just our actions but how we respond to those times that shows our character.

So, here I am again with the hubby gone, me and the girls are all sick. Am I the only fire wife/or wife in general that’s family gets sick as soon as their husbands walk out the door? Ha! But seriously. It’s like as if it wasn’t hard enough to watch him walk out the door and not see him for who knows how long. It’s times like these when I need to dig deep and find the things that really matter. I go through some of the pity party moments and there are times when those things in life just really get the best of me.

One of my worst moments has taught me the most valuable lesson of all. A little over two years ago I was pregnant with my second daughter. I had just got in my second trimester and started to bleed. I had partial placenta abruption and was on bed rest. During this time my first daughter was two and I was working part-time as well. I was put on bed rest for a month. My husband was working overtime. Fighting fires. And even though I had family and friends around I had just wanted everything to be okay. I didn’t want to need anyone or anything. I just wanted a healthy baby! And my husband home. It was the most depressing and scariest moments of my life. I doubted my faith but asked for prayers anyways. I knew though I had to trust whatever happened we would somehow get through it. I had to look for that silver lining. My husband was a great support for that. He was strong for me and carried me. When we went in for that follow-up ultra sound to see how everything looked even the ultra sound tech was blown away. She kept saying I cannot believe these are the same placenta. There was a clear tear in the first ultrasound but in what she had in front of her showed none of that. No tear and a perfect placenta and healthy baby. Through my doubt I still got that miracle.

From that moment I took it as a lesson. To look for the good in every season I am in. Find something to be thankful for even when it may not seem like I can. There are times when yes, it’s easier said then done. But I promise you it helps.

So back to the now, with a kid who has bronchitis, a baby with a fever and a mom with a cold. And let’s not forget the Fire Hubby who just informed me of more overtime. I know exactly what I am thankful for. I am alive. I am so thankful that I have two amazing and beautiful girls, I have friends and family who are here for me, I have a home, and I have a husband who loves me and loves his family. And even though has a career that isn’t “ideal” I can be proud of him and what he does.

…give thanks in all circumstances. -1 Thessalonians 5:18


One thought on “Thankful in All Seasons

  1. Wow, not only did you write a moving lesson learning blog, how did you find the strength and time? Between sick kids and exhaustion. You always amaze me, you really do have doves eyes.


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