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My heart for this blog is to reach others and be an encouragement to others with a focus on fire wives and their families. I  know I mentioned in the last blog about something new I was working on so here it is. Over the past few months I have come to realize how many different fire owned businesses there are. My mind was blown at some of the amazing ideas that some of these firefighters have come up with. My hope is to each month incorporate a featured business into my blog. Because by supporting those businesses I support their families and I want to see fire families thrive and be blessed.

For me it was very obvious which one I wanted to feature in my blog first. For some time now I have had it on my heart to write about the mental strain some firefighters go through and how it can take a toll. I never felt that I was knowledgeable enough to do so considering I have had no personal experience with it or education on the subject. But I do know that there needs to be an awareness of it and source for those that are dealing with things, whether it be something small or big. So, with that said it is my privilege to introduce my first featured company Next Rung. I have been following them on Instagram for a little bit now and their hearts for others is undeniable. I encourage you to follow them and support them in any way possible in their mission to help first responders with their mental and physical health. They’re always ready and” available to help others. I will also be including a link for them here and on my home page as. But first please read their mission statement taken directly from their website.

“Our mission is to intertwine physical and mental fitness in the field of First Responders. We believe that both of these are vital to doing our job well. If we can keep ourselves physically healthy it impacts and supports our mental health too. Mental health issues are becoming more of an epidemic among Firefighters, EMS Personnel, and Police Officers. Through peer support and scholarships for licensed counseling, free daily workouts and nutrition advice, we hope to help conquer mental health issues in First Responders. If we can help just a few of our brothers and sisters through the dark and difficult times they may encounter due to the situations they have experienced in their line of work, we’ll consider it a success for the entire First Responder community.”


3 thoughts on “Next Rung

  1. How exciting not only do yours words comforts , encourage and strengheb you are now taking another leap and offering tools that people may not know about. Great Job. Looking forward to more blog.

    Jacque Harrison

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