The Little Things

In this blog I write a lot about the things as a fire wife I go through and have touched on some things that firefighters might go through as well. Hearing the things I go through might be relatable to some wives but it also might be helpful for husbands in the fire service to recognize what their wives may be dealing with at home. So, in a way this is for the hubbies. And also a little bit of a shout out to my hubby cause he deserves every bit of praise!

When my husband is at home the thing that definitely helps me the most are honestly, the little things! When there needs to be a diaper changed he does it, when the laundry needs to be switched he does it, same with dishes and all the other house things that need to be done. I love just sitting there watching him read to our girls for bedtime. Or the times when we both know I need to get that shower in and he will turn to me and say, “go for it.” I know it may sound silly but it’s all these small things that he just somehow knows I need. But they make the difference.

Now I’ll be honest a part of me is a control freak, so it has been a learning curb for me. I am beginning to recognize he isn’t doing these things because I am not capable or thinks he can do it better. He isn’t trying to cause some ripple in my routines that I am used to doing. It’s exactly the opposite. At first I would get annoyed cause I cleaned the house so he could come home and relax, then he would start doing things. I would get so annoyed. But after one of those moments of frustration he explained he wasn’t doing it for that reason. He does these things like saying “go take a shower,” not because I stink (which may be true…#momlife) and he is like get away but because he knows those little moments mean a lot. I don’t often get those and all of sudden I have this peaceful moment that normally is rushed to get done. Getting help and working together to get these things done around the house means, we can enjoy more time together.

Like the Brotherhood of fire when you’re all in it together, doing your absolute best it makes the job so much better and a lot more fun. When you have someone who doesn’t want to be in it and hates their job it’s enough to make someone crazy. He and I are a team and we do this life together. All of it from the dusting, laundry, dishes to the dirty diapers, to the chopping wood, and mowing lawns. All of it. Until the day I die.


“You can’t spell brotHERhood without HER” -Unknown



One thought on “The Little Things

  1. So true sista, i love when my husband picks up on the things that may seem trite to some but deep down your wishing they would notice. These moments speak volumes of their love and appreciation for what you do, and in turn your gratitude and respect deepens. Keep bringing the great blogs!


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