Stache Salt Moustache Wax

Does your Husband rock a Stache? How about my forest service wives, does your Hubby rock a beard? Then this next featured firefighter owned company is for them.

Griffin is a firefighter in Texas who owns a mustache wax business. Part of his proceeds go to firefighters battling cancer. This is a subject that is also close to my heart. His waxes and beard oil are for the manliest men! Getting to know him through Instagram and his family who promotes health and wellness. They are a solid family who love to help others. Get to know him yourself and his business on Instagram @stache_salt_moustache_wax I also will be posting his website here and on my main home page. On there will be also a giveaway for Father’s Day 2018 so don’t miss out!

My husband has been using this for his own Stache and loves it! Let’s support our brothers and sisters in the fire family and support their awesome Stache!

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