Wildfire Strong

Okay fellow fire wives/girlfriends this next feature blog is for you! But keep reading firefighters you may find this as an awesome gift for your lady. Ren is a fellow Cal Fire wife who has put together this amazing idea to help bring some joy via mail. It can definitely bring some smiles if you receive it when the hubby is gone. And even if he is home. I mean who doesn’t love some happy mail right? I know I do.

So here is what her business is all about. Fire wife/girlfriend subscription boxes. In these boxes you will find some pampering items. Some are fire related items and some are just simply, nice things. Also what’s super cool is that she also supports other fire wives by including fire wife made gifts and a summary of their businesses. Helping promote our sisters in the fire wife sisterhood. This July was the first month the subscription boxes launched.

When I received my box in the mail I was so excited to open it. It made me feel connected to something and someone who just understands you. Items that maybe only a firefighter wife/gf would appreciate. My favorite item that was in there were these tiny cards that you could write and leave a love note on to slip into your fireman’s bag before he leaves for work. I did do a live video of me opening it on my Instagram but I will leave a little mystery on here and maybe you’ll be intrigued to subscribe yourself.

I encourage you to go check her page out and give her a follow on social media. Just type in Wildfire Strong. I will also have a link on my homepage so you can go join in on the fun and get your monthly subscription box. You deserve a little pampering. And just one more cool thing is that these boxes can be given as gifts. So guys if you’re still reading you can send one to your lady and surprise her. I’m sure it would mean more then you know.

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