Let it Rain!

Soooo excited that here in Cali we have started getting rain! Whoohoo!!! As I was sitting here catching up on laundry (the true never-ending story) front door open, thunder rolling, rain pouring and the smells of Fall filling my living room, I started to think. Some may wonder…Why is rain so exciting??? Because like me, I am so sure there are many other fire wives ready for a slow down in Fire Season! Although I think we aren’t sure what “Fire Season” looks like anymore. As I watch the rain pour it is like I am taking a deep breath of relief and letting go some stress I didn’t even know I was holding.

Throughout the early spring, summer months and beginning of Fall I know it’s there but never really thought about it until now. There is an anxiety that comes with the busiest part of the year. The what many call “Fire Season”. The mental gearing up of let’s see what happens and hope we don’t lose our minds in the process. It feels like I physically hold my breath every time he walks out that door, praying and hoping he comes back. I don’t even realize I do it sometimes.

I welcome the change of pace and hope there is a much-needed break for a lot of you fire wives. Some of you and your husbands just had one of the longest Summers. California lost it’s mind for a while. And in some cases is still catching up from all the devastation the wild fires brought. Definitely praying for Winter to actually be Winter this year. For me, this year has been a lot of adjusting, and as soon as it seems I have got my bearings we adjust again. Kind of like growing pains I guess. I think I may have somewhere this year gave up on figuring out a new normal and decided to go with the flow. To let go of my expectations and perfectionism.

The rain today has been a refreshment for my soul, and in a way, rekindled a little hope of I can do this. Giving me that extra boost of strength I didn’t even know I was needing. I want to use this time to be more intentional with my time with my spouse at home. Stop and focus on just building and strengthening our love and family. I feel it is always important no matter how strong the relationship to always be working on a deeper connection. There is so much time that is taken away from us. I want to make more of the time we have together. So that when we are apart I feel like I can take on the world and be the strength he deserves. The strength behind the badge. I encourage you today to think about doing the same. So with all that said LET IT RAIN!!!

3 thoughts on “Let it Rain!

  1. I know exactly what you mean about mentally preparing yourself for fire season. In the late spring – early fall I never expect him home after his shift. I make my plans with the kids expecting to do it alone and am always excited if he happens to be there. In the winter, I get used to him working his shift and then being home for his days off. He was sent out late winter a few years ago and it COMPLETELY threw me for a loop. It was only three extra days (nothing in fire wife time) I just wasn’t there mentally.


  2. My favorite time of year! The amazing colors, cool breezes make me feel like I woke up refreshed. Great blog. Thanks for sharing and always reminding us that hope is alive.


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