Royle Designs

This next fire owned feature blog is about Royle Designs. The owner Amy is a fellow fire wife who I have the privilege of knowing. Our husbands started off on hotshots together and both eventually going to work for Cal Fire. Amy and I didn’t know each other at first but met when we both gave birth to our kids at the hospital, just days apart. It was a fun experience to have another fire family in the next room.

Amy’s small business designing and creating started in the pursuit of trying to find something to do after her son was born. After about a year of making her dream a reality she opened up her business in 2017. It’s became something she loves to do. As expected being a fire wife and running a business isn’t easy. And when I asked about her business, Amy said,

“Making custom shirts for others and getting to let my creativity run wild has been a great distraction, however, it’s hard at times to work when I have a very curious 2-year-Old always by my side!!! My shirts are definitely made with lots of love from myself and my little helper.”

And since we are talking fire wife to fire wife I also had to ask the obvious question…what’s the hardest and easiest thing about being a fire wife? Her response in my opinion was right on.

“Hardest is definitely trying to comfort my son when daddy is gone for a long period of time, because he doesn’t understand why! Also, keeping a household running by myself!!! Easiest? I don’t think there is anything easy about it!!! I’m so proud of what he does and the example he is setting for our son, but it’s not easy!!! I just rely on fellow fire wives and God!!! Praying with Sawyer at night has become a ritual and it seems to comfort him.”

It was an obvious choice for me to support a local and fellow fire wife when I wanted to get shirts created for my girls and I. And Amy worked with me on every detail. I love the shirts and they came out exactly as I had envisioned. The inspiration came from one of my previous blog titles Raising Them Fire Strong. Thank you Amy for the beautiful shirts you brought to life for me. I would definitely recommend Royle Designs. She can be found on instagram @royledesigns1 it will be on the homepage where I keep my featured blog links for an easier way to find. Here are some pictures of the awesome shirts that she made. I will always be striving to do my best to raise them Fire strong and like Amy said it’s not easy.

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