What’s a Tradition?

It is Thanksgiving eve and as I sit here thinking of all the Thanksgivings past. I have realized every year has been different. When you’re married to a firefighter it can be that way. Sometimes plans are ruined and sometimes they work out great. And to be quite honest the last time I remember having any tradition was before my husband was a firefighter up to his first couple of years when he was laid off as a seasonal. But gradually seasons got longer or there were times I was working and couldn’t get the time off. There were years I did it alone. But oddly enough I have never been to the fire station on Thanksgiving. It never has dawned on me until today.

As the holidays have approached it is easy to be concerned about plans working out or wanting our fireman home. I am definitely one who lives and breathes keeping traditions and have a hard time when holidays have to be celebrated on a different day. But I am learning. Ten years of it and you would think I would be good at it. Between now and February we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, our Anniversary, both of our daughter’s birthdays, and my birthday. It can easily get overwhelming especially with all the hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays.

So, with this holiday season I have made a mental choice to prepare myself more. To be okay if he isn’t able to come home unexpected or not. To celebrate the time spent together and not dwell on the time apart. To give my girls the best of a tradition of each occasion as I can. To teach them in a way not having a tradition can be a tradition too. And hope when they grow up they will be more equipped to roll with the punches and remember the importance of time spent well.

So, to all my fire families remember to hold onto the love of each other and not get caught up in the disappointments of missed holidays or messed up plans. Be thankful for the time that is given to you and spend it making memories and traditions of your own.

Always be thankful.

Colossians 3:15

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