Season Present

In this second part of this three part series, I will be writing about our current season. In Season Past I wrote about my husband and I’s first season together. So many seasons have passed since and so much in our lives have changed. Since that first season we’ve gotten engaged, married, moved a couple of times, had two kids, went from seasonal to a permanent position, and so much more. Throughout every season there has been extremely hard times and amazing times I wish we had more of. This current season is that of the latter. This present season I wish was how every season would be. A season of more time together.

We have gone through the last two years spending the most time apart then we have in our whole time as a couple. I have written a lot before about how my husband commuted over six hours to work. I also have written how this year he has been able to return to a more local station. The contrast has been so different. Those two years have taught me how fortunate we are to have this season with more time together. A season where his station is just a twenty minute drive. Even with all the extreme fires in California this year we have seen more of each other then those past two years when he was commuting. I know that this can change. We lost so much time together those past two years that we won’t ever get back. Instead of constantly dwelling on that I really try to remember to take what we can get and appreciate the time we do have. There are times I tell myself not to get used to it because I get afraid of loosing time together. Enjoying the time we have together can sometimes be robbed by the fear of the seasons to come.

Fire seasons are so unpredictable as well as a fireman’s shift. There isn’t a rhyme or reason, so we learn to just go with the flow. Celebrate the time we have and hold onto those memories for when we are apart. Those memories are what help us keep going. It’s the fire life balancing act. And in this present season I will celebrate and take every memory I can because there is no telling what the next season will bring.

(We took this photo after a double date)

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