Season Future

It is the last part of this three part series and the last day of 2018. I remember last year writing on New Years Eve about hoping that my husband would transfer back home, so he would not have to do the 6 1/2 hour commute. It was the roughest time as a fire wife. But 2018 was good to us and my husband transferred back in March. He spent almost three years commuting long distances and we lost so much time together because of it. So, to see him as much as we did this year was a huge blessing for our little family. But what does this next year look like???

Well my husband is pretty much up for a Captain’s position this year. And the position that he may get will be completely different. But we wont talk about that yet until the offer is official. There is one thing I have learned as a fire wife and that is to not really talk of things until they are on paper. Even to go as far as not saying things like “my husband is coming home today” until he is actually in his vehicle driving. But I promise to let you know about his promotion when it happens and what it is. All I know for sure is that 2019 will be holding some changes. As a fire wife I kind of feel like that is part of the anthem…always changing. It is those changes though that help us and form us into some of the strongest women out there that I know. It may not necessarily be the change, but how we adapt to those changes that makes us who we are. So, I will embrace the changes and hope for the best.

For me personally in this next year I have some dreams that I have high hopes for. I started working towards my degree again this last Fall. I took eight years off of school. But am excited to continue finishing that. There is another thing that I am working on but not really talking about it yet until it is more official. But, I am hoping to be able to talk about that sometime in the next year. Some other things as a mom I am looking forward to in 2019 are potty training my youngest, being more involved in my daughter’s class, and continue guiding them through this fire family life. I also turn THIRTY in February so it is looking to be a fun year! With the blog I hope to bring more feature blogs, some interviews, and posting about the good and bad and everything in between as a fire wife. And looking forward to meeting and hearing from more of you.

As far as all of you who may be reading this I am praying for you. Hoping that somewhere along the line I was able to encourage you and bring you hope. That you know there is someone here willing to help and be relatable. That hopefully you learned a thing or two of what a fire family goes through. To all the fire wives I pray this year will be calmer. That there would be less fires and more time with your firemen. Less explaining of why daddy isn’t home and more understanding and fun times. That you would have wisdom in all circumstances and lots and lots of grace. And that you would have the strength to endure through the hard times. Let’s look into the future of 2019 with an open heart and allow ourselves room for error and forgiveness. That you would say yes to life and all the joy that it is willing to bring. I hope you continue with me on my journey as a fire wife. Have a safe and fun New Year from my family to yours!

“Looking forward into an empty year strikes one with a certain awe, because one finds therein no recognition. The years behind have a friendly aspect, and they are warmed by the fires we have kindled, and all their echoes are the echoes of our own voices.” -Unknown

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