The Not So Dirty Thirty

BURPEES…it’s just one of those things you love to hate or hate to love. In this case the more the more the merrier! Me and Michelle @thesaltyfitfirewife are turning 30 this month!!! And in honor of that we want to give back! We are raising money for @carneystronginitiative and every $1 donated equals a burpee!!! But it’s more then that it’s helping our firefighters, it’s giving back to something more then myself, it’s not just talking the talk but walking it out in any way possible. Turning 30 shouldn’t limit who we are. With the right mind set and heart, I truly believe we can impact the world for the better. Whatever that looks like for you? keep it up, don’t loose heart. And if you want to help impact something bigger then yourself donate for this cause or get out there and make something happen!!! These are a couple of things posted on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

So, what is Carney Strong??? They are a nonprofit dedicated to helping spread awareness and help prevent firefighter cancer in the fire service. Something Lillian had to experience first hand when her husband Josh Carney passed from occupational firefighter cancer. Some things there will never be a way to make it better but there are ways to honor the lives we have lost. This is what Carney Strong is and does. With the last blog I wrote about firefighter cancer, you probably can tell this is something I don’t take lightly. So, for me it was obvious choice which nonprofit to support. If you want to help and donate towards this cause there is a link on my home page of this blog. We will be collecting donations through the end of February 2019. But if this is something you read and didn’t catch this in time. You can still donate towards Carney Strong Initiative their link will be under my links tab.

So here is to turning 30 and making a positive difference. Follow along on our Instagram/Facebook pages for updates.

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