Fire Daughters: The Interview

As a mom of two girls I often wonder how and what they think of their dad, especially him as a firefighter. So, I decided to construct my own little interview. I will ask them a series of questions pertaining to them as Fire daughter’s. My oldest daughter is six and my youngest is three. So, this is their unfiltered answers. No prompting just straight from the mouths of babes. The answers could be silly or serious depending on their day. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to know which. Answer 1 will be my six year olds response and Answer 2 will be my three year olds.

Question 1

What does your dad do for work?

A1: “He puts out fires!”

A2: “He puts out fires!”

Question 2

What is the best part about having a dad as a firefighter?

A1: “Because, he helps people.”

A2: “dad a fire firefighter, he put out fires.”

Question 3

What is the hardest part for you having a dad as a firefighter?

Rephrased the question

“What’s hard for you with dad being a firefighter?”

A1: “Nothing’s hard.”

A2: “Uhhhhhh, firefighter!”

Question 4

Tell me and explain something fun about Dad’s job?

A1: “When he climbs the ladder.”

A2: “cones”

Question 5

Is dad gone a lot?

A1: “Uhhhh, yeah.”

A2: “yup, he’s gone mom, he’s at work.”

Question 6

What’s your favorite thing to do when he is home?

A1: “That’s an easy one, play with him.”

A2: “uhhh, snacks.”

Question 7

What is dad’s favorite thing to do when he is home?

A1: “Uhhhh, talk to you and workout with you.”

A2: “uhhhh, be in him’s house.”

Question 8

Tell me about visiting the fire station?

A1: “Uh, it’s kind of cool, it’s fun when we play on the workout thing.”

A2: “eat at the fire station.”

Question 9

Is dad’s job important? And why?

A1: “Yes! Because he has to put out fires.”

A2: “yeah mom, yes. With firefighters”

Question 10

Is there anything you would change about dad’s job? Or is there anything you wish was different?

A1: “Like, less time at work.”

A2: “yeah, he work.”

Question 11

Why is dad’s job so important?

A1: “Because he has to help people.”

A2: “uhhh So he can work.”

So, this was pretty funny and I am sure if I asked them the same questions in a week I would get different answers. Obviously big sister answered more seriously and little sister didn’t quite understand them all. And she was being silly when I was asking her. This may be something I do every year to keep track of what they think about their dad as a firefighter. And see where I am needing to explain more to them. As for them, they don’t know any different kind of life and I am sure these questions were a little weird for them. All and all as a mom I was glad there wasn’t anything too concerning.

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