The Faithful Brother

Recently, I was asked for my husband and I to be on The Faithful Brother podcast. I am pretty sure my jaw dropped, but tried to hide the nerves and excitement I felt. Knowing my husband, I knew it was going to take some talking into to get him to join me. He hates to have any spotlight, no matter the subject or context of what it is. So, I was sure he would say no way. I was surprised I got him to agree. But, the funnier thing was, when we were recording, and even though you cannot tell, I was the more nervous one. We knew it wasn’t about us and it is not every day you get asked to talk about your faith. We have always let our actions speak louder then our words, and never felt the need to push our faith. There was a church we used to attend and their mission statement is something I have always carried with me. It is a way to best explain my faith. The mission statement is this, “Meeting people where they are, and loving them to where Christ wants them to be.” There’s something to be said when you learn to fully accept someone and stand along side them in their journey of life and say, “I am here.” As I have promoted and talked about mental health this month in the fire service I feel I would also be doing you an injustice to not bring up my faith. And say that our faith and the power of prayer has gotten us through the hardest of times. My relationship with God is what keeps me grounded and my own mental health in check.

So, who is The Faithful Brother? We met through social media. Instagram to be exact. Their posts have always stayed to scripture and have encouraged me. They run a faith based podcast focusing on what the Bible says. It is truly inspiring and has spurred me to want to be in my bible more. Each podcast has had a first responder on it, allowing you to hear from people who like me, who live this life and have different levels of faith and with different walks of life. One of my main worries when my husband and I were asked to be on there was, “I am not a theology major or bible scholar.” I know my husband felt the same. But, the realization that there is something everyone carries that can touch someone else no matter where they are in life. Despite the nerves of going on and speaking, I felt very welcomed and invited into a non-judgmental environment. Dean and Tim were very warm hearted and didn’t in the least bit make you feel like you didn’t belong. And disclaimer… my goodness…I am not perfect! So that was so refreshing. Their hope for the podcast is the same as this blog. If it reaches and touches one person’s life or helps just that one person that our purpose is being fulfilled. Their mission statement taken directly from scripture truly says it all…

“As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

It is so true when you have someone by your side driving you to be better and helping you to stand and do your best it also helps the helper. And that is what The Faithful Brother is about. Standing along side their brother and sisters living in this first responder life and encouraging them to keep going and to not loose faith. I will be adding their podcast website under my links tab and if this is something that interest you go take a look around. Listen to some of the podcasts. They also have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, look for them there too. I have said it a hundred times before and I will say it a hundred times more. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And there are those people out there like The Faithful Brother and I who are there to remind you of that very same thing.

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