The Mason Bar Company

There’s a good chance that you have heard of The Mason Bar Company. But if you haven’t let me enlighten you. This months featured company is owned by a fire wife and her husband. Not only that but they live in and work in the same unit as me and my husband. They took over this business about a year ago.

So what is The Mason Bar Company? They are the original creators of the mason jar drinking lids. They have lids to make it possible to drink from a mason jar. And since this company is local to me I happen to have one of the original lids. Where I live and maybe where you live drinking from a mason jar is the best way to enjoy a beverage. Their lids though can be found all over the globe in stores, and on their online store. These lids vary in many colors and if you like the more natural look they have bamboo lids as well. The business promotes a healthy earth and even carries a variety of reusable straws and mason jar tumblers. You can find a variety of other items to dress up your cute mason jar. But what you may not always get when hearing about this fun and amazing company is the story behind who is running the business. At least the fire story side.

(what the lids look like now and one of the originals which isn’t sold anymore!)

April and James Rafferty purchased the company in 2018 and have been working relentlessly on making this company the best it has ever been. But this isn’t where their story begins. This couple met when April worked as an EMT for our local casino and her husband worked for the neighboring fire department. They ended up meeting through a mutual friend. During the beginning of their relationship April began working on the local ambulance and James went to work for Cal Fire at Base Line. He now works as a Captain for Cal Fire. Her understanding of what her husband does comes first hand with also having the background of a first responder. April and James are also the parents to three year old boy/girl twins. Like any fire wife or parents for that matter will tell you, kids bring a whole new aspect to life. Even after having her twins she continued working for the ambulance up until buying The Mason Bar Company. But, besides working for the ambulance April also used to work designing tumblers. People would ask her to create designs for their personalized jars and when The Mason Bar Company came available for purchase a friend contacted her and the fit couldn’t have been more perfect.

(some of the colors available check out her website for more)

Before this post April and I chatted over the phone for a couple of hours. She is one of the easiest people I have ever had the privilege of talking to. You wont find a more genuine business owner then her. Not only that, she has a good heart and is very business smart. She handles every single aspect of the business which is amazing! And when we got around to it, I enjoyed asking her about the fire wife life. I asked what the hardest part about being a fire wife is and her response was one I know a lot of fire wives can relate to. Her answer was when her husband is gone for a long time, comes home and the schedule gets all messed up. Like me she cherishes the schedule and routine. So, when that gets jumbled things just don’t go as smooth. I then asked her what the best part about being a fire wife was. She said it was watching her husband be able to do what he loves and not only that but understanding what he loves about it because her previous career on the ambulance gave her a deeper understanding of what he does. We also chatted about mom life within being a fire wife and we agreed that making the time to work out was something that is a priority. She gets to unplug for a couple of hours and focus at the gym. Her kids are very much part of the business as well. And if you follow the company on social media you get to see their cute faces from time to time.

(my favorite way to drink out of my tumbler…water, frozen strawberries and a few drops of dōTERRA lemon essential oil…ps she sells oils too…shirt can be found at Wildfire Strong)

So back to the business and what it is like as a fire wife. Being a business owner and a fire wife is not without it’s hardships. There are days when she is slammed with orders (a good thing) but since her husband isn’t home to help she will stay up all night just to get orders out the next day. Her business advice, which I LOVED, was “Wing it all day, every day.” Life as a fire wife and a business owner can be a balancing act so with the mind set of just winging it she is able to give her best every day. I asked about one of her favorite things about the business was and she replied with, one of her favorite things about this business is she is constantly meeting new people. She loves working and interacting with her customers. I can attest that one of the best things about her business is meeting her too. And like I said she handles every aspect of the business so it is likely you are going to come in contact with her in some way or another. I of course had to ask her what her favorite color Mason Bar Company lid was, her answer…ALOHA CORAL. And if you’re curious mine is…RED…all day every day. My kids also enjoy these lids and getting to be like mom. If you want to know more about The Mason Bar Company and their products I will provide the website under the links tab. Find them on social media. By supporting this business you are supporting a fire family and that is what I am all about and the purpose behind these future blogs.

(our favorite colors)






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