It is time for this months featured blog! I am super excited and have been waiting to publish this one. There are so many different fire family owned businesses and sharing them with you is so much fun. This month I would like to introduce you to This Veteran and Fire Family owned company is owned and operated by a fire mom and fire sister. It is a great way to show another side of the fire life. So let’s get to know more about them. Sometimes the best way to explain a company and who they are is to just let them tell you. Here is what I received from Tara the fire sister when I asked her about her company. It was so well written that I decided it would be silly to rewrite it and made more sense to just use what she wrote…

(My MIL holding her Fire Mom Mug)

“ is a California based Fire Family company, which is owned and operated by Fire Mom, Cindy Cornett, and Fire Sister and Navy Veteran, Tara Cornett. Cindy’s son/Tara’s brother is a firefighter with the City of San Diego. He’s been a firefighter for about 8 years and was previously with CalFire.

We launched, in April of this year and our goal is to bring quality gear and gifts to firefighters and their families.

Our products for firefighters aim to make the job a little easier, a little safer, and make their days a little brighter. The gear and gifts we have available for families are to boost morale, support our firefighters, and support other fire family owned companies.

We know there are a lot of companies out there supplying gear and gifts, but we aim to truly bring quality to our fire families. So we’ve designed our own ceramic mug line and have them made by hand, right here in America. We also work with companies like Firewipes, DoorJamm, Fire Grounds Coffee Company, Stache Salt Mustache Wax products to be a one stop shop to pick up quality products.

We’ve also put together Firefighter Go Bags, which contain all the heath, hygiene, and energy products firefighters need when they’re assigned to large fires. These bags can be purchased by firefighters and their families. We also offer our Firefighter Go Bags Community Support Program, which gives the community a chance to purchase these bags that we preassemble, then deliver to base camp or fire stations headed to the point of the fire while an active fire is in progress.

It’s important to us to be impacting our firefighters and their families in a positive way, making sure they have the little things we can provide to help make their live a little better.”

I happen to be familiar with every product they mentioned and some of them I have even featured. They really are all quality products. When I saw the firefighter go bags though I thought the idea was genius. I know first hand as a fire wife there have been times when my husband was on a fire line and could use almost all of these products. I have witnessed various conversations between fire wives asking other fire wives what exactly do they help put into their firefighter’s bags. This makes it so simple for us. We want our husbands to be taken care of while we are apart from each other. The grab bags make it so nice and convenient to order and have delivered directly to them. I can feel good about contributing to my husband and provide him with things he really could use while fighting fires. So this ready to go bag is an awesome idea they have available on their site.

(The Firefighter Go Bags)

Before I thought to feature this company I had made an order of two mugs. I have an obsession with coffee mugs and well coffee. Ha! Their handmade ceramic mugs are big and gorgeous. With their logo on them and also ones with their name on them. One of the mugs I ordered was for me and the other a birthday present for my mother-n-law. Because why not a Fire Mom mug for the mom who raised my husband? Seemed like a perfect fit. When they were delivered one mug came completely shattered and the other just fine. When I reluctantly mentioned it to them, I hate having to bring things like that up. But, they were so gracious and sweet about it. And what truly impressed me and I thought this is so rare was within 30 minutes she had a new one shipped out. Talk about customer service. I was completely blown away by the kindness and quick response over a shattered mug! In that moment I knew in my heart this company and the people behind them were something very special. People who also truly care about people. I kept a piece of the shattered mug as a reminder of the kindness shown and who this company is.

(The broken piece I saved)

(The beautiful replacement red logo mug)

Since then we have formed a great friendship and am just so honored to share about their cause and who they are. Please, please go check out their website it will also be listed under my links tab for the companies I feature in my blog. Check out all the amazing companies they have on their website and give them a follow if you’re on social media. Trust me you will want to get to know them.


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