My Parent’s Job

This month I wanted to bring you another featured blog. Last month’s we learned about Fire Mom a business created from the love of a fire mom and sister. This month however, I want to talk about another important aspect of the fire family. I have talked about my struggles as a mom and have even written a couple of blogs on the struggles of my children. This months featured fire owned company is My parents Job. We are huge book readers in my house so this company just gives me all the feels. They have created a book series to help bridge the gap in helping our kiddos understand what their fire moms or fire dads do. They put into words and illustrations a way kids get a really good perspective. Our children are so important and I am excited to introduce you to this company!

As usual, I want to first give a little background. Lisa Yu is a fire wife who has always had a deep rooted desire to someday write a book. She had no idea what this book would be but it soon became very clear. Lisa was a Kindergarten and first grade teacher for about six years and when it was time for her and her husband to have one of their own kids, she became a stay at home mom. When her child was about a year and a half she began to realize the importance of how to help her son understand what his dad’s job was and why he didn’t always come home at night. This helped Lisa realize that there probably was other fire families out there too explaining to their kids these exact things. With the deep rooted desire to write a book and the new mom life she was living there was no better time to make that desire a reality. And that’s exactly what she did. She combined these two things together. Written from their own experience in hopes to help other families.

There are two different versions of books right now, My Daddy is a Firefighter and My Mommy is a Firefighter. For us of course we have the “Daddy” version. I cannot tell you how I wish that I had this book when my first born was little. There were many hard nights but rarer now, when the tears of missing dad come. Reading this book now still is so helpful, it opens the conversation into a greater understanding. And with my second only being three I am sure it will become a new favorite. But what I loved the most about this book is how the illustrations show the home life and the station life side by side. It makes it relatable and I know for me as a fire wife when I find something that is relatable and helps me with my own struggles it makes all the difference. It feels that void of loneliness and creates a sense of community.

When we got our book in the mail my husband  sat down with my daughter to read it. After they read through it my daughter’s first words out of her mouth were, “WOW!” She felt as if someone wrote a book about her and just for her. She of course asked if she could keep this book and was so excited to have it. When I asked what her favorite part was she responded with, “the part where they save the older woman.” That’s the only clue you’ll get from me about what is in the book. This book My Parents Job created will be one of those books that will be kept for years to come. You will have to get yourself one so you can know what is in it.

This book is special already to my girls, feeling as if it was written just for them. If you’re looking for a way to help your little one see and feel special this book is for them. Helping our kids understand a little more about what this fire life is about. Please check out their website and find them on social media. Their link will also be in the featured tab. Thank you Lisa and all the ones who put the work into creating such a special book to help our kiddos understand the important roles in the fire families we all play. Looking forward to the other books in the series to come!





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One thought on “My Parent’s Job

  1. I have to say awe. That is precious. I am so happy to know all areas are covered. I love my grandchildren and thank God for these tools.


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