Salty Jane by ‘Stache Salt

A little over a year ago I did a feature blog on ‘Stache Salt. A company who keeps your husband’s grooming needs on point whether it be pomade, mustache wax, combs, as well as an awesome line of apparel. Griffin and his wife Michelle make everything from scratch. Another awesome thing is they believe in giving back. How you may ask? With a portion of their proceeds helping a fire family battling cancer. Last October they blessed my sister who was fighting breast cancer with a donation. It not only blessed her but me as well. This past February Michelle and I teamed up for our not so dirty 30 birthday and raised funds for Carney Strong Initiative. They’re some of the kindest and most generous people. Being a light to those in a hard time and spreading a little salt everywhere they go.

But something was missing. That was when Salty Jane came about. The women’s grooming line. I felt I had to revisit this amazing fire family owned company to let you know about this. Salty Jane offers a variety of hair products salt spray, hair serum, pomade, and so much more. Other things they have created for the ladies, tinted chap stick, shirts, koozies, stickers, candles for the ladies and mandles for the men. Yes, mandles because it’s not a candle. Ha! The month of November is Salty Jane’s Anniversary they’re celebrating One Year!!! First Anniversaries are a big deal and am looking forward to this month and seeing the celebration fun.

Michelle the original Salty Jane aka the fire wife running this side of the business also runs a fitness business. She creates workouts and meal plans for her clients. So not only does she help you look good but she helps you feel good from the inside out. How amazing is that?! She has become a great friend to talk with and relate with. She keeps life real and is very authentic in all she does. Plus, we also share a passion for Taco Tuesday. And that is pretty amazing in itself. If you’re interested in her workouts and nutrition plans send her a message I am sure she would love to help you out.

Just in case you were wondering what my favorite product is, I would have to go with the Salt Spray. I have never been a hair product type person, but their Salty Jane line is seriously my favorite! It’s light, not sticky, and smells amazing! My favorite way to use it is to spray a little before and after styling my hair. And sometimes I will rock the natural wave in my hair with Salty Jane helping to hold my curls. It has been fun, and I have enjoyed watching this company blossom and expand their line. There are a lot of new men’s products since the last time I wrote about ‘Stache Salt so make sure you check them out. Not to mention some fun things for the kiddos in your life. If you purchase a product make sure you snap a pic and share to be featured in their stories or on their page. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. Please take the time to visit their website and social media pages. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun, especially during the anniversary month! And as Griffin and Michelle would say “Stay Salty My Friends.”

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