Seasoned to Grow

These past few months have been an amazing whirlwind with starting the new nonprofit CFFW Foundation Inc., continuing online classes, and of course the normal fire wife life we all know can just be so crazy in itself. This week though I wanted to make sure I made writing a priority. I wanted to talk about something I have had on my heart to talk about for some time now, of course that’s the way it seems to go. I always have things on my heart to share and seem to find it harder to make the time to sit down and type it all out. So, please bare with me with all the changes here and let me push that aside for the moment and talk to you from my heart.

Working a booth for CFFW Foundation Inc

My brain feels like it could explode with all the information it has been taking in these past few months on how the fire life is hard on the home front and as well at the station. One thing that kept coming to my mind is feeling like there is so much information out there and is starting to be available whether it be mental health, fire cancer, being a fire wife, and all the crazy life in between. There’s been something, actually a couple of somethings that I want to touch on, one is the issue that because we as the ones on the home front have a hard time and face a lot of unsung struggles sometimes get overlooked yes, but it does not give us permission to belittle the stresses and the extremes our firefighters go through. We are their strength because we support them and are able to endure hard things because of the love we have in our hearts for them.  We are a team and the only way we will make it through this fire life is to support one another. I want to see marriages and relationships flourish in this life by giving solid information and sharing my heart. The other thing is the term “Salty Fire Wife” keeps slapping me in my face. But it wasn’t because I thought of myself that way. Honestly, I feel so uncomfortable with that term. Or falling under that category. For those that don’t know the salty term is used pretty much in place of Veteran. A salty fire wife would be the veteran wife that knows the ins and outs and knows how this life style works and is often looked to for advice. So why would I be uncomfortable with that term? It’s not a bad term by any means. I have been blogging about being a fire wife for some time now, my husband and I have been married for almost ten years, and I know how this life style works. So, again why does it make me uncomfortable?

Here’s my biggest why, I WILL NEVER KNOW ENOUGH AND I NEVER WILL HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. Every single season has proved to bring it’s own set of challenges, in my face challenges, making me have that feeling that I have no idea what the heck I am doing or am going to do. Each season I have learned yes, but I will never be above learning. I am not a person who ever thinks of themselves as above someone, as I am someone who considers others as my peers no matter of years or experience. And enjoy working alongside my peers, no matter how long or how short you have been in this fire life. My main purpose for writing all these blogs is to help those around me feel as though someone else out there gets it. And when someone else gets it you feel a little less alone. Sure I will give my best advice but I will give it knowing full well it may not be something that works for you. And that’s totally okay! My desire as a fire wife is to break these walls down that separate us because it brings disunity. When we help each other and get to the heart of issues and are able to talk within the realities of this fire life we build community. And I cannot tell you the amazing difference of having a community has had on me. When I started writing blogs I felt so alone and didn’t even know if writing about it was going to help anyone else but I felt called and so I began writing. But let me also say just because I am uncomfortable with possibly being considered as salty doesn’t mean that I disregard those who I may think of as salty. Their wisdom has been a Godsend at times and I cling to the opportunity to always learn more. Or even just have that opportunity to ask for advice from someone who has had that experience. We are all in this together and sometimes we need that more experienced person to help guide us and feel like we are capable. We all have insight or some salt if you will and ways that we can help each other and I hope that continues to grow.

Living that fire life

As the blogs continue to pick up again I wanted to just reiterate that you are not alone and I am so excited to be bringing more things to help us on the home front and bridge that gap to our firefighters and the lives they lead. I am walking this life alongside you and will be working as hard as I can to make things happen for our community. I am so so so beyond thankful for all the love and support all of you have shown with the new nonprofit and just this fire life in general. Like they say it takes a village. Don’t forget to check out all the new and exciting things on the page and stay tuned for a mega raffle in December!





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