Wildbud Co.

This month’s feature blog brings me a lot of joy to introduce. A couple of ladies with wildly beautiful talent! They are two local gals to me and have the cutest and my personal favorite little store in our downtown area of Sonora. But what is extra special and what I would like to highlight a little, is one of the owners Cheyenne. She is a fellow fire wife and our lives intertwine in the most splendid of ways because she also happens to be on CFFW Foundation inc. board of directors. Her husband and my husband went through their first academy together and were roommates. But let me tell you a little about her and Lisa’s biz called Wildbud Co.

Lisa and Cheyenne, best friends, that have grown up together, sharing a passion for all things wild and creative. I have always been a major fan of Lisa’s stunning ability at the violin and art and Cheyenne’s gorgeous singing voice. Their creative talents compliment each other so well. After being in each others weddings and becoming mom’s they chose to start another adventure in creating Wildbud Co. They started from making their creations in their living rooms and it has blossomed into a beautiful floral design studio. Their creativity soaring through the beautiful bouquets and arrangements of flowers I have personally ever seen before. Their floral arrangements are wild, simple, and absolutely breath taking. The boutique is full of a lot of gorgeous finds for your home and every day life. And if you’re lucky enough you can see them in their creative element putting, one of a kind pieces together. They have and amazing portfolio of weddings and events they have brought to life with their artistry of florals. You will definitely want to check it out. They host fun workshops teaching and sharing their knowledge.

But wait there’s more! The fire boot prints we sell on here to raise funds for our nonprofit have flowers that all come from their beautiful shop. Cheyenne has such a big heart for the fire family life and wanting to be able to give back. Another way they do this and something that is extremely important to Cheyenne is creating bouquets for first responders and delivering them for free. She is willing to put in extra work for that perfect bouquet and make it just right. She also understands how hard to call from the fire line can be so, is happy to take requests through text. We all know how the fire life is when our firefighter’s are gone for days, weeks and yes sometimes months. And when those stretches get a little long there’s nothing like receiving a bouquet of flowers from our firefighters that connects them back to us.  Especially, on those darn missed anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. So, if you’re local take advantage of that because I can tell you it will be a bouquet filled with love and intention in every hand that touches it.

So, whether you’re planning a wedding, an event, need some flowers just because, or a bouquet for that special person, make sure to check these ladies out. Locals let your firefighters know about their free delivery. If you’re planning a wedding and need your florals they’re willing and happy to travel. You will want to use them because their eye for beauty is something special. Follow them on social media, and watch for their workshops and learn to create pieces to inspire!

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