Fire Wife Christmas

Fire Wife Christmas

Every year is no guarantee,

That my firefighter will come home to me.

While others are filled with joy and merry,

My biggest wish is he won’t witness something scary.

December 25th lands on the day we choose,

Because in this fire life sometimes you loose.

We make the most in every season,

Because in our hearts we know the reason.

We hold our heads with strength and pride,

Try not to let our children see the tears we cry.

As another holiday comes and goes,

It’s another night we’ve slept alone.

Some years it works out just fine,

A Christmas miracle just in time.

With arms outstretched and hearts light,

We’ll hold our firefighters with all our might.

So while you celebrate the magic of the day,

Remember your fellow fire wife and pray.

For strength, for peace, goodwill for all,

And for all the firefighters who are on call.

May they return home safe and sound,

And may their families gather round.

This is my Christmas wish for you,

That we’ll remember each other the whole year through.

That you won’t feel alone,

And your firefighter always makes it home.

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