The Nest

Sometimes things happen in life that make you pause and really admire and reflect on how beautiful life can be. Over the last month or so I have been able to witness nature in such raw and vulnerable state. We’ve had these two house finches scouting the eve of our home. They began shortly after building a nest. When they first began building it I was happy my husband was on shift because I know he wouldn’t be okay with the mess of twigs that showered our front door. When he came home I asked him to leave it for our girls to watch and learn. After all my oldest was learning about birds that week of school (at home of course).

Daddy Bird
Mama Bird

But what I didn’t expect is that it would have the biggest impact in myself. I admired these little house finch birds and how they worked together to build this home. There was even a time when I went out to check the progress and the whole thing was on the ground. But they didn’t miss a beat and picked up and started to rebuild. After the nest was built I let some time pass before climbing a ladder to snap some pics to see what was inside. And sure enough two little eggs sat. Made me think of my two little girls. Over the next couple of weeks I watched the mama bird stay as much as she could with them. Daddy bird was gone a lot and caught a glimpse of him from time to time but I didn’t see much of him, not as nearly as mama bird. But then today as waked by the nest I saw him in the nest but I also heard this faint chirp of new life. I smiled and told my girls that the eggs had hatched. And again climbed up to snap some pics being careful not to touch or disrupt anything. And there these two little baby birds were. And it hit me. I enjoyed watching this little finch family so much because I felt so closely knit to what they were doing.

When the eggs appeared.
Two Baby Birds

My firefighter and I had been doing this all along. Busy making our house a home to help our littles have a safe place. There were times where we completely started over and we did it together. Then watching the mama bird holding down the fort while daddy bird was off working for days on end. To see him come back and love on his family when he could. It spoke volumes to me how just because I didn’t see the daddy bird much he was still very much a part of his family. And showed me how the Fire life is very much the same. Just like my husband and I, we do our part to see our family succeed. So whatever your nest may look like there can be beauty found in the very simple things and a little reminder to stop and be thankful for those little things in life. To learn to work together to make this Fire life successful and meaningful.

One thought on “The Nest

  1. O my gosh another right to the heart story. I love how Gods creation sets examples foe us mere humans to take note on. Thanks for sharing this precious time with us.


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