CFFW Foundation Inc.

Welcome to a new 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit CFFW Foundation Inc.

Through starting off as a fire wife blog I discovered I was not alone. There are many fire families going through the same things as mine. A silent band of fire spouses supporting their firefighters that didn’t have much of a voice. Through learning and a lot of listening I gained so much knowledge then I ever thought I would, and on very important subjects. This began to fuel a flame deep inside me that wanted to do more to help and support this fire community. Prompting the start of this 501(c)(3) nonprofit, CFFW Foundation Inc. The board of directors that backs this nonprofit are compiled of firefighters and fire wives. People who know and understand the lifestyle.

The plan for this nonprofit is to hold seminars, classes, gatherings for both the firefighter and their significant other to attend. To give education and awareness about important things such as mental health, firefighter cancer, and maintaining the home and marriage. We are strongly wanting build and give support, and consider it important for the spouses to have the same knowledge our firefighters receive. From being CPR certified to knowing how to handle and be as prepared as possible for any Line of Duty Deaths, family emergencies, etc. Not only that, but be able to help fire families in times of need through financial support. There is a giant gap in our fire families and CFFW Foundation Inc. plan is to be there to help bridge that gap in any means necessary.

With all those things said we cannot do this on our own but need the support from our community fire related or not. It will cost to put these seminars and classes on, as well as the funds to provide support for these fire families. That is where our hope is and where you come in. If you feel led to give or support us in spreading our cause, we would truly appreciate it. Please consider giving back to the families who lay it all down for their community daily by supporting our nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible. Head on over to the “donate” tab to donate or click on this link below to head there directly.