CFFW Foundation Inc.

Welcome to a new 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit CFFW Foundation Inc.

Through starting off as a fire wife blog I discovered I was not alone. There are many fire families going through the same things as mine. A silent band of fire spouses supporting their firefighters that didn’t have much of a voice. Through learning and a lot of listening I gained so much knowledge then I ever thought I would, and on very important subjects. This began to fuel a flame deep inside me that wanted to do more to help and support this fire community. Prompting the start of this 501(c)(3) nonprofit, CFFW Foundation Inc. The board of directors that backs this nonprofit are compiled of firefighters and fire wives. (meet them below) People who know and understand the lifestyle.

This nonprofit is holding seminars, classes, gatherings for both the firefighter and their significant other to attend. To give education and awareness about important things such as mental health, firefighter cancer, and maintaining the home and marriage. We are strongly wanting build and give support, and consider it important for the spouses to have the same knowledge our firefighters receive. From being CPR certified to knowing how to handle and be as prepared as possible for any Line of Duty Deaths, family emergencies, etc. Not only that, but be able to help fire families in times of need through financial support. There is a giant gap in our fire families and CFFW Foundation Inc. plan is to be there to help bridge that gap in any means necessary.

With all those things said we cannot do this on our own but need the support from our community fire related or not. It costs to put these seminars and classes on, as well as the funds to provide support for these fire families. That is where our hope is and where you come in. If you feel led to give or support us in spreading our cause, we would truly appreciate it. Please consider giving back to the families who lay it all down for their community daily by supporting our nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible. Head on over to the “donate” tab to donate or click on this link below to head there directly.




Meet the Board

Abi Rogers-Founder/President/Director

I am Abi Rogers I started confessions of a firefighter wife blog in 2017 and it has led me to start the non-profit CFFW Foundation Inc. I have a very big passion for the fire family life as a whole and seeing it succeed. Most of the blogs you read on here are about me and my perspective on being a fire wife. I am also running the social media pages and webpage. My heart is pretty clear when it comes to this fire wife life, if you read through everything so I am not going to elaborate too much. I am also a mom and have my hands full with two girls, as well as our four pets. My background is banking, and I could geek out on numbers and math. I worked up until my second child was born so I understand the working mom/ stay at home mom lifestyle. I grew up in the church and my faith is a big part of who I am. Besides fire life I enjoy camping, riding dirt bikes with my family, and I love reading a good book, good coffee and being in the kitchen baking. I am so thankful for the support and community the fire life brings and am happy to help in any way I can. To me, giving is better than receiving and try to practice that in all I do. Thank you for being on our page and helping our cause. We hope to make a difference in the lives around us and give support through any avenue we can to help bridge the gap.

Josh Rogers-VP/Treasurer/Director

My name is Josh Rogers, I have been a firefighter for 12 years. Starting out as a volunteer firefighter, working a fire season on a Hotshot crew, and I am now on my 11th fire season with the current department I work for. Working through the ranks holding different positions in many different locations all having their own struggles with great experiences. A couple of fire seasons into my career I started to realize our family sacrifices as much as we do, if not more at times. I personally hate seeing the family suffering or sacrificing because of our careers. I believe there’s a need to educate, communicate and comprise through our careers and with our significant others. I believe, we go through our careers helping everyone else, but we first need to take care of our families to be successful. All of these are reasons why I decided to be part of CFFW Foundation. Bridging the Gap between our careers and our loved ones. Thanks for the support. See you in the gym or on two wheels!

Nicole Gissell- Secretary/Director

I have been a first responder for the past 22 years, starting as an EMT and paramedic with various ambulance companies, on to a volunteer firefighter and finally the past 18 years with CALFIRE. Throughout the early part of my career mental health was a taboo topic, a sign of weakness, a “you aren’t tough enough” if you have that though process and of course I followed in suit. After my own traumatic event combined with years of cumulative stress, I found that I could not continue on like I always had. Through my own journey of healing along with a department that was progressive on mental health, I began to see that many of my fellow firefighters were struggling as well. With that forward momentum I became more involved with mental health and Firefighter Resiliency. I have been a part of CALFIRE’s Peer Support Groups, Critical Incident Stress Team, lead unit Peer Support and Critical Incident Stress Programs, and led multiple Critical Stress Debriefings. I volunteered with a military PTSD running support group, coordinated Spouse’s Conferences to help educate spouses and family members about mental health, and participated in curriculum development on Firefighter Resiliency.

Cheyenne Radanovich- Director

Hi, I am Cheyenne. I am a woman with many life ambitions and dreams. I believe in love and hard work and God’s grace. I am so many things, one of which is a wife to an amazing, amazing man.
I am a firefighter’s wife. My husband and I have been together for over 8 years and he has been a firefighter longer. I knew what I was getting myself into, or at least had an idea. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
A little more about me:
Having grown up in the mountains I am a lover of all things outdoor, as well as ice cream and dancing. I am a local flower shop owner and floral designer. I have two beautiful babies who keep me on my toes and a very supportive network of family and friends whom I love dearly. My favorite color is pale pink paired with terracotta and my favorite flower is sweet pea.
The take home:
I hope you find me relatable whether through my marriage, motherhood or work experience. I believe in the missions of this non-profit and hope that our message reaches you or others in need. I believe that this is not an easy lifestyle and we are all stronger together.



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