Embrace and Grow

Sometimes there isn’t enough coffee to help a mama. Life has been a little tiring lately. So please excuse me on this one if my thoughts and grammar are a little all over the place. And since that’s the case I will try to keep this one short and to the point.

Currently my two-year old  is on her second day of throwing up. Yesterday we were literally 30 seconds from my driveway before it began. I had a trunk full of groceries for a camping trip we had planned for the weekend. I get home, get my toddler out and take her in to clean her up. I lay her down, get my five-year old situated with lunch cause she is hungry. pull out the bread I had bought earlier that week and it was moldy. Plan B for lunch. Finally her lunch is made, I then hurry and get the groceries I just bought that didn’t include bread, strip the car seat down and start a load of laundry. All this just in time to catch the next rounds of throw up. Of course it gets everywhere because my toddler absolutely hates the bowl. She rather just have it all over her. I am exhausted. She sleeps a little while on me, I manage to get a decent dinner cooked, and wait for my husband to get home and maybe I can catch a break.

During this whole day of crazy my husband is literally two hours away taking his Captain’s test. My husband has been working and studying for this test this whole week and also helping with rehire training. So, when he was home I knew he needed to be studying. So I push through one more day until he gets a few full days off. This is the reality of being a fire wife. It’s the moments of single parenting when things are chaos and digging deep and finding the strength to do so. Sometimes as fire wives we are exhausted. But, find that thing that says to dig deeper. I know I have said it before but for me the strength that comes from God only, it is what will help me push through. Hold down the fort, give it all you have, embrace the hard times cause when you get through them you will only come out stronger for it.

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