A Year Gone By

I can’t believe today marks one year of starting this blog! I remember trying to find something as a fire wife to relate to. But I always came up empty-handed. I started to think that either I didn’t know where to look or there really wasn’t much out there. And that’s when it hit me and I felt led to begin this blog. The unsung song of  the fire wife. Someone whom other fire wives can relate to or go to. Sometimes it can be a lonely journey and that knowing someone out there is going through the same thing can help. If this blog helps just one person, fire wife or not then I know the purpose of this blog was met.

I also wanted this blog to allow those who don’t understand or wonder about how we as fire wives do what we do. In no way do I ever want to take away from what my husband does. If anything I want to come beside him and all fire families and support them. But when people think of the fireman they think of the man or woman on the fire line, going in the burning building, on a medical aid and being that first responder. For me I think of the family behind that man or the support system. I pray it is strong and it is unwavering in support. I think about all those hard days with the kids or long nights alone. Neither the firefighter or the spouse’s roll is easy.

For me this past year and doing this blog has given me an outlet. It has helped put out there the things as a fire wife I go through. I know everyone’s life is not the same as mine but there are some things that are definitely relatable. And in the past few years I have come to learn the different things other fire families go through. Learning those things has also helped me. And I just want to encourage you right now. You’re not alone.  Stay strong and you got this even when you feel you don’t. My prayers and support are here and go out to you.

Thank you everyone for the support and following along. To many more posts!


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