World’s Collide

When worlds collide.
Glimpses of gear in the garage.
Passing moments of peace.
Home for only the reminder to leave again.
Hugs and joy of reset days gone.
Tired eyes filled with love.
Children’s giggles at daddy’s feet.
The faint smell of smoke stained clothes.
A smile of knowing.
Grateful hearts that never want to part.
Catch up around the house.
Home cooked meals.
Time is our friend and enemy.
The best kind of sleep.
Naps of decompression.
Wake up daddy as they tickle his feet.
I don’t want you to go back to work tears.
Wake up to shaving in navy blue’s.
Kisses and I love you.
Starts all over until our worlds collide.
Come home safe.
Fire Life.

-Abi Rogers

Published by confessionsofafirefighterwife

Firefighter wife, mama, and Christian. Sharing the struggles, blessings, good, bad and everything in between.

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